“The stand out for me was the work of Mirre van Dalen, whose performance piece was incredibly moving as well as visually beautiful. It involved artificial flowers, which she painted using her hands dipped in a large tin of acrylic paint, placing them carefully in rows of jars half filled with sand, necessitating a ritualistic walk to the other side of the room. But this description only begins to tell half the experience: her attention to detail from the dress she wore to the music playing, the still life display on an ornate dresser, the mannequin in the background and the pram in front of a splattered canvas, produced a memorable event of wonderful poignancy. No “reading of artists statements” necessary, no confusion – just intuitive but easily understood, visual and sensory communication of her heartfelt empathy with previous inmates of the institution in which the performance was held -enough to stir the imagination and sympathy of any visitor. ”

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